• eti_write 55w

    I see you there
    You're such a sight
    Running scared
    to race the light
    and get into your comfy bed
    to try and rest your worried head
    I won't have that
    it's my time now
    to hunt you and
    I know just how
    I'll conjure up a fright or two
    'cause I'm that guy, yeah you know who
    the Prince of Death
    the Boogyman
    I know your ills
    I know your cares
    I'll chase you straight into your dreams
    to fill your night with tortured screams.
    You'll want to hide,
    and run away
    but not this night
    I want to play
    you cannot get away from me
    the door is locked, I hold the key
    I'll menace you
    until the dawn.
    Enjoy our time together my friend
    cause I'll be back, that's for sure