• ocean_tide_live_happy 92w

    I always thought it would
    be difficult to find someone
    who would love me
    When I am always
    In a thousand peices,
    It's like trying to complete a
    When you don't even know
    if you have
    All the right peices,
    But then you showed me
    That every peice
    Doesn't have to be in place
    To create something beautiful,
    That love can exist
    In the most
    And broken people,
    I promise you
    That love will be just
    As beautiful,
    If you are in a
    thousand peices,
    Or just one,
    Even if
    You might think
    That some of the peices
    Dont fit into the puzzle,
    If you dont look like the picture
    On the box,
    You dont know if some of your
    Peices really
    Someone will think you
    are just amazing,
    Because you think outside
    Of the box.