• sohag28 65w

    Mother of Bengal

    Oh my mother of bengal, I feel proud of you
    We stand together always for any view
    To save bengal we are always there
    We cost our lives for any kind of dare
    We are dedicated to do our duty from home
    Because to save our educational dome
    Never we are afraid of pandemic
    Promise to move education with frolic
    We have need to keep safe our family
    We need help from you to do it happily
    Promised the responsibilty to take care
    Education never stops by any means fair
    We SACT are a part of you and education
    Stand always together to show our passion
    One day we can save lifes as well as culture
    Our hope is you Mother for our state's future

    ©Arunabha patra , SACT/WBGLA of Mahishadal Raj College,Departnent of B.C.A