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    I wanted to make it a box and everything. But it's not working. Sorry ����

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    Ensnared in a Box of Formality I Perform a Trick called Reality.

    Ensnared in a box of formality,
    I cut ties with my identity.
    Crude and vicious reality.
    To fit in on the stage of standers.

    I perform an illusion of disparities.
    Unlike the magician with illusion real.
    I charm the real as an illusion.
    Disputed self argues in vain.

    With customary courtesy and familial fame.
    I pulled the trick up my sleeve.
    "Sleep! O mighty one it's time to sleep"
    Amidst the dozing patrons.

    I woke my inner beast.
    Free at last when the world's asleep.
    Terminating the numbered moments of joy:
    A song of the midnight hour.

    As the beast crawled back into the box,
    Beauty ensued: Perfected prosperity
    Pretty pout on a masked face.
    Ready to perform again.

    Ensnared in a box of formality,
    I perform a trick called reality.