• thenicestbitch 91w

    Pictures were under bed

    I used to stick it

    Since I was kiddo

    And I thought one day

    This will be the album

    When late at night
I will be drunk

    And there would be 

    No perfect footsteps 

    To reach on to this bed

    After years of my late nights

    Knocked on the brokenness 

    That happened 

    I was trembling
    I leaned down on the bare floor

    It wasn’t slippery

    It was cold as the cube of ice

    I poured when I had my last drink

    I was breathing heavily

    As if I have been running

    For hours

    Maybe I was in the dungeon of cowardness

    I rolled under my bed

    I felt each pictures once I put them

    I fallen asleep in the arms of

    Irreplaceable moments that
    pictures were holding

    I put down all my sins on the floor
    I left the room with silent sighs

    I was running

    And my emotions; They were crawling 

    I was faster than ever

    I reached the terrace before all

    I looked down and saw

    How that lonely wing chain was

    Calling me as the breeze was
    passing through my lungs

    I jumped for it

    To seek my life

I first killed my sins

    Along with the body

    Which was now just

    Castle of ashes

    Later, bags of eyes
    They were emptying themselves
    As words were dying
    Inside me

    I died pretty soon
    Because I felt the life
    Pretty soon “

    © thenicestbitch