• nutcracker3 13w

    Wrung Out

    Hesitant and unsure, I made a decision on 14th October, 2021, a Thursday.
    . . .

    My parent were confused, shaken
    Suddenly, unsure 'bout their own decisions
    I wrung 'em dry and stirred 'em
    Out of their cocoons, their haven
    I returned the favour after all these years
    Did it break my heart?

    Sometimes I'd wonder if I'll ever heal

    Years of selfish, ignorant, uninformed decisions
    An exquisite recipe, manifested
    Catered to the mess that I am today
    Lesser than a picture-perfect portrait
    Zoned out, I breathe, in patches

    Was I right to do that?
    You're asking the wrong person.

    Could I possibly agree anymore?
    Like a lamb that's taught
    That heaven lies at the slaughter's
    I followed their songs for years
    Craving salvation
    That is non-existent.
    A fool, I was, yesterday
    But today, what maketh me?
    Our sins or God's blessings?
    . . .