• abhishekmhatre 60w

    Standing on the battlement,
    Gazing in the sky,
    The wind felt different today
    Didn't seem like an old Ally.

    Clouds out of nowhere,
    Gathered up high.
    Covering the sun in no time,
    Could feel the happiness around die.

    I knew this day would come,
    When darkness would try to conquer.
    The demons had called their banners,
    Got goblins in their bunker.

    Knowing they would corner me in no time,
    I went down to the armory.
    If they wanted to capture me,
    I'll not go down easy.

    The dark army was at the door,
    With goblins and gaints ready to strike.
    I put on my armour,
    That would be torn by their spikes.

    I knew they would capture me,
    I had nowhere to hide.
    I knew it was my fate,
    To turn into a dark knight.

    I gazed up in the sky,
    Hoping for sunshine.
    I knew this was the last time,
    I hoped for a ray of light.

    The dark lord blew his horn,
    The battle had begun.
    I pulled out my sword,
    Fighting the fate I couldn't outrun.

    I knew this was the end,
    Would never see the light again.
    Stabbed in the chest with the dark sword,
    I would serve the dark in pain.