• fatty_07 28w

    "I'm here for you".

    "You're not alone".

    "You'll always have me".

    Fucking bullshit,
    When it's 2:30 am
    And myself loathing claws it's way
    Up my throat
    And rips itself from my mouth
    In a silent scream
    I'm alone.

    When the blade parts my skin,
    When the cut gets deeper,
    There is no one
    (I'm alone).

    The blood running down my arms
    (I'm alone)
    You say you're there, but you're not.

    I'm alone.

    It's being surrounded by
    a sea of people and feeling
    like you don't even belong with them
    Or anywhere in the world.

    You're lonely when the person
    Next to you it's not
    The one who's in
    Your heart.

    But (still)

    I wonder,
    How many pills,
    Or cuts,
    Or breakdowns,
    Or panic attacks,
    Or bad days,

    Will not understand how badly
    I want to cover my body in scars.

    But let me know that I'm in fact still alive..

    #separation #thoughts #aesthetic #wod #pod #mirakee
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @queen_butterfly

    And love love //��

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    Falling apart..

    By Fatty.