• pen_and_paper 81w

    More than a feeling.

    Did you slurp your agony tonight,
    right before bed,
    half slept half dead.

    Did you have the supper,
    Or you just looked at it and felt heavy,
    Like food was only prepared,
    as a ritual to end the day.

    Did you see the fog
    Or right through it,
    Wasn't it foggy this morning as it was before,
    Like all your life, weeping,
    Sitting on the door.

    Did you complete the circle,
    started it again,
    did you study enough,
    to call it a day.

    I'm confused, as a cobweb.
    But I know, it's the only way.

    I remember someone used to smile,
    On my weary teary lifestyle,

    I'm still the same,
    See, things are definitely changed,
    I owe Bukowski for some of his advice,
    Life's easy when you dive,

    I've come this far,
    So much without you.

    But do tell me.

    Did you miss me, when you eat.
    Or it was just a ritual,
    You often forget before your sleep.