• veronica_06 16w

    Why the sun-sets?

    To make the buds get ready to bloom,
    To give stars a room!
    To give all the workers a pause,
    To make movements by the claws!
    To pave way for family cuddles,
    To solve any puzzles!
    To give mothers a tight slumber,
    To give time for aspirants to outnumber!
    To make the oceans flaunt luminous,
    To make the birds hunt around the universe!
    To remind the divine to bestow the good,
    To prevent the devil with a mountain hood!
    To reinforce the graveyard-shift workers,
    To favour hard thinkers!
    To make the sky blush,
    To make the moon as a matchless crush!
    To make Nyctophiles bubbly,
    To make suiciders ponder doubly!
    To give chance to every dirty,
    To sow hope to every needy,
    That sun sets for a new opportunity!
    Till the earth struks in ambiguity!