• niveditaaa 33w

    You were a great doctor and a great inspiration.the one who dedicated his whole life for his patients and researches..
    When people asked why don't you lead a family and who will cry for you at the worst times of yours if you not get married....you kept silence...
    And today we got the answer and the meaning of your silence....it is that we ourselves who cry for ....
    Yes...we may only cry for a few hours and after we will lead our normal life...and that's the rule of nature...
    But....this few hours of sorrow of a whole set complete random people(patients) describes how great you are doctor
    A peaceful death had taken you...and it is a shocking news for every one who loved you
    You are a successful doctor who had that rare touch of magic...
    And I always admired you
    I wish I had told all these to you when you were alive ..and again this is the harsh reality of life that you only realise the real value of a person when he go forever from our life..
    None can replace you dear doctor
    And you were great
    Let your soul rest in peace
    Dear Dr Ravindran