• niranjanavm_ 28w

    I love to be in darkness
    Both in & out of my mind.
    But I don't like my fav people
    Go through the same.
    I always want to be their light.
    Don't know why I am like this.

    I don't feel anything
    That I am an angry person &
    Scolding everyone around me.
    But I don't allow my fav people to do the same.
    I always want them to be so easy and cool.
    Don't know where I went wrong.

    I really like it when I connect to people
    Through online and able to make
    a bit difference in their daily life.
    But I won't be happy if my fav people do it
    For me or anyone else.
    Don't know how weird it is.

    I am perfectly happy when I spend time all alone
    Having a self time, contributing
    Ideas to lift myself up & doing a lot of crazy things
    just to make me happy.
    But I am highly tensed when my fav people
    Spend time alone.
    I always want to give them company.
    Don't know why I am like this.

    The list just goes on.
    Overthinking got it's certificate &
    I am still confused that if I am a fake person or
    Not doing any sort of truth to myself.
    Or all these are just my thoughts and nothing
    To do with the present reality.

    And a new found
    mental problem too....
    I am ok when my scribblings are incomplete.
    But I am frustrated if someone stopped
    their poem in the middle.
    Just like this....

    Anyway, Thanks for reading this !!

    "Incomplete from a complete
    craziest soul "