• raghavendran 8w

    Juveniles or Devil Incarnate

    Despite the measures taken to check the incidents of gruesome rape of girls and women, rapes continue to occur at alarmingly regular intervals. It is horrifying to see young men, particularly those who are juveniles, indulging in such atrocities with impunity. It is all the more terrifying to see brutal rapists claiming leniency under Juvenile Law though their deeds are more horrible ones unexpected at their hands. Although they are juveniles, they must be treated as adults and punished as such for their dastardly crimes. There is no juvenility present in them. They don't deserve any leniency.

    We don't want, repeat don't want, any more Nirbhayas.

    Juveniles or Devil Incarnate

    You are juvenile, of a tender age,
    But you proved to be more than a savage
    By your deed that has shaken Heaven,
    You are yet to figure among grown-up men.

    You have put your co-conspirators to shame,
    Juvenile you are only in name,
    You are viler than the vilest creature,
    With violence being your second nature.

    When alien should be such a violent trait
    To the tender age you are at,
    You have awed the holy heaven-
    A boy whose age is just above eleven.

    Even your older friends were in awe
    At your terrifying deed they saw
    And cringing in fear, they kept quiet;
    Alas! Violence seems your staple diet.

    Your victim prayed for instant death
    While suffering pain with each breath,
    Her pleas and cries did not deter you,
    But fiercer and fiercer in deed you grew.

    What have you gained, O! vile creature?
    Eternal darkness will be your future,
    Imprisoned within the walls dark
    Till you to the other world embark.

    You are cruelty personified in human form,
    You have caused inconceivable harm
    To the helpless young girls and women,
    You will be hated even by demons.

    Let no leniency be shown to you,
    Humanity and Heaven will never forgive you,
    Let conscience, if you have one, haunt you
    Till you this world bid adieu.

    Even from Heaven Nirbhaya's eyes shed,
    Not tears of pain long past, but blood
    For her sisters suffering yet on the earth
    Which, to incorrigible savages, has given birth.

    Raghav R