• tashi_choden 39w

    "I love you..." I trailed.

    He smiled without humor in his eyes. "Or maybe you're just sad again."

    I was halted, chest hallowed in aches. I looked him in the eye as he slowly took a deep breath.

    "You see, you only figure out that you love me when you're like this — sad and disconnected to the world. You only love me when you feel as though everything is close to slipping your fingers again. When you're second away from hitting rock bottom. You only love me because I am your escape. I am your go-to destination when life fucks you hard all over again. So, you don't love me at all. You don't love me at all and just perceive me as someone who can always tolerate your sadness and then, perhaps, mistaken it for love."

    — Ai Entero