• bethinkful 68w

    today's feminine is indeed a rose, but
    not a blossoming one of exquisite beauty.
    she cries her petals into her womb,
    where all her pain awaits release.
    her black mascara stains her face, but
    she has no desire to wash it clean:
    take her stained or leave her, you man,
    proud and taking.

    today's woman ventures out alone,
    listening, talking, craving the fangs of
    the rattlesnake, which she - in desperation -
    hopes will make her connect, and feel again,
    that which she has lost, had taken
    from her without consent, which she
    gave over to the shift that pushed in an
    unbalanced rift.

    today's feminine can bring him inside to
    unlock what lies in wait to birth a new,
    longing consciousness. she washes the
    newborn child with the falling of tears,
    wipes it clean with her hair, while the Earth
    and her spirits nurse it full, plump and radiant
    under the rising sunbeams, where it will grow,
    and dance later

    under the reflective,
    overwhelming night sky

    © bethinkful / image by Duncan Sanchez (Unsplash)
    #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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