• djehanepoetry 3w

    Do You Speak Art

    Art is the perfect expression of an imperfect world!
    It improves Reality, adding finishing touches to
    Unachieved moments, completing them, turning
    Them into an accomplishment: bringing to fruition
    The artistic vision of a painter, conveying her perspective
    To an unidentified audience, being able to touch them,
    To convince them, to win them over, through her choice
    Of colors, her brushstrokes, her scenery, her ambiance!
    The artist’s eye is the lens through which all creation
    Is envisioned, and subsequently expressed!
    Sunrise and sunset on a canvas can encapsulate
    The day and night of the artist and her subjects!
    The artist shares with the world her view of things,
    Her very own perception; she chooses a slice of life
    As she conceives it, frames it, and presents it to
    The onlookers with refined details so they can
    Reflect upon it and ponder about its meaning…
    Art is, undeniably, a universal language!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2006

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 84