• isolated_atom 24w

    Pardon me for the mistakes.

    I'm missing you like hell. @parle_g ����
    I'm not feeling well here without you. Please come back.
    I know you're suffering a lot in your life,and it's very hard for you to spend time in entertainment. Just for some days.
    I want that vibes back when you used to talk and spend time with us.

    You're the one and only person in my life who shared about her past even about your mental health with me.
    You can't even imagine how important you're to me.

    How supportive and lovable you're,no one can understand but god.
    I'm endowed with your friendship which means much to me.
    Lots of love. Please come back. ❤

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    कि अब हर्फ नहीं तुम्हारी जौफ़िय्यत ब'यां करने को
    मि'रे एक तुम ही तो थे,अब कुछ बचा नहीं फ'ना करने को।

    तकल्लुम तुम्हारा ही हमे रा'स आता था
    की अब हर्फ ही नहीं,तुम'से इल्तिज़ा करने को।।

    इंतिशार नहीं कर सकता रू'हों को जुदा
    पैदाइश दूसरी भी हो,तो खौ'फ नहीं तुम्हारा हबीब होने को।।