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    Drops of dew showered on silent poems revived buried feelings
    And the stinging questions of the letters melted by Jasmine's touch
    who got carried away by sentimentality
    and keeping the fantasies alive
    The butterflies were dancing between the petals kissing Jasmine
    In the chill of winter, the little squirrels hid in the mother's lap, waiting for the rays of the sun
    Don't know what, thinking that the sun was just being peeped through the clouds

    Suddenly the words of fantasies stopped flowing and a beautiful reality began to take place in my heart.

    In those cold winds there was a chill in the chirping of birds

    Soon it was evening and the sun with light rays hid peacefully and slept waiting for the next morning.
    I was about to look at the moon when suddenly I left the moon and saw small eyes which were full of innocence.

    In the hope of getting something, moving one hand forward a little, so that nothing should be snatched, the other hand was hiding behind.

    And what do I think... It's like that little squirrel is hiding some precious gem
    When I saw her fist, I could have laughed, but her innocence had settled in my eyes.
    That is why in a moment I understood not only the value of her treasure, but also the value and need of her precious treasure.

    Two peanuts yes just two
    Yes, she has slept hungry many times...but now...she is a mother now, isn't she?
    If you go back like this, what will happen to the hope that has left in the eyes of your children?

    And I... I just kept thinking lost in her innocence

    Then I got up slowly and she was looking at me a bit scared

    Perhaps wanted to say something, so showing two grains of fist, I lowered my hand again.

    I got up and went to the kitchen and picked up a basket of peanuts

    Yes, there was no need to search, I like peanuts so much.

    Now what else can I say, picking up the peanuts, that cute squirrel went to her burrow

    Yes, her burrow was next to the jasmine plant that was my favorite that's why now I'm in love with that cute little squirrel, after all my new little friend had a home near my favorite plant.

    Poetry flows in my soul like a gamut, but the playfulness of that little squirrel keeps tweeting in my heart every moment.

    Every animal existence on this earth whether it is innocent like a squirrel or a fierce hunter like a wild lion


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    Now what do I remember....the moon....or....the sentimentality of those eyes won my heart