• ameeri 54w

    I'm gradually losing it.
    This sadness has taken over my soul.
    My pillow and clothe is soaked.
    I'm tired of having to live like this.
    Having to live in fear and always watching my back.
    It's been 5 years since he was sent to jail.
    Would I ever be free?
    What if he gets out?
    Would I still be tortured?
    He's making everyday a living hell for me.
    I can't do this anymore.
    Is love something I want to ever feel?
    He claimed to love me, yet he hit me everyday.
    If I don't do what he wants, I get beaten to a pulp.
    I'm scared.
    All I wish for is a bullet to be shot straight at me.
    Without having to think of the ones I'd leave behind or the ones that truly love me.
    At least I'd be free from pain.