• commoved_1803 44w


    Is this how things come to an end...???
    Things destined to occur yet get undone
    Tidings from the unexpected descend
    Courses self willed, make way and run...

    Your's age was of innocence;carefree
    From the worldly turmoils and unrest
    You had a whole world to travel and see
    But all in vain, indecision was at its best

    You relieved us from any expectations
    From you, but in a manner of disbelief
    Your final decision, free from revisions
    And the final act, precise fatal, brief...

    It's difficult to realise this absurd plan
    It's impossible to accept you are no more
    Your words, "nothing is impossible, I can"
    Meant more than usual,made hearts sore

    I still have in mind your demands,desires
    But I have lost my smiles in tears for you
    My dear SIS! once full of life and admires
    Never you thought of me ere the last adieu...