• bhumikabhatia 111w

    Sudden goodbyes

    You never said m leaving,
    You never said goodbye.
    You were gone before I knew it,
    And only god knows why.
    You wanted to live,
    You still had hope.
    But who knew god will,
    Pull you so sudden with his rope.
    A million times we needed u,
    A trillion times we cried.
    If love alone could have saved u,
    You never would have died
    You meant so much to all of us,
    All my Tnsns were ruined with just one hug.
    Your smile alone warmed our hearts,
    Your laugh was like music to hear,
    I would absolutely give anything
    To have u well and standing near.
    Many tears I have seen and cried,
    They have all poured out like a rain,
    I know that u r happy now,
    And no longer in any pain...
    The world changes from year to year,
    Our lives from Day to day,
    But love and memory of u..
    Should never fade away.....