• story_teller_me 54w


    She dumped me in a well of thoughts and moved away with no regrets.
    She cursed me to be left alone in her thoughts.
    I am unmoved till today after u left me.
    I am standing still, under the sun dried and under the rain drenched.
    I did not care the situations and the emotions u left me alone with.
    You called me a loser to lose you because of my helpless situation.
    And I call you that today as you lost me forever and you lost the place even in my thoughts when you tried to replace me in your heart with an unmatched me.
    You said I was your life and you can't imagine it without me and you could breath a single moment without my thoughts.
    Now you are threatening the same life which was once yours .

    I could have attempted this more rhythmically but you have killed the rhythm in me.