• poukii 35w

    Higher self: ohh!! you think too much about what
    other's are thinking about you, right?
    Let me ask, did any of them were there
    with you, during your sufferings?. Had
    they even asked you about how you
    are doing in your life?
    Me. : No!!, they didn't. I was hiding in my room,
    all these times. I pleaded for help, but
    was made to feel like, I don't deserve
    Higher self: So yes, do things as per your intuition.
    The first thing you need to do is to
    embrace your inner child. Accept
    yourself. Learn to differentiate between
    your true intuition and anxiety. Things
    that comes to your mind, when it is calm
    is your true intuition. Follow it, you will
    find out your life purpose, and find out
    ways to reach me. Don't listen to your
    anxiety and people around. You can
    achieve greatness, in this lifetime,if
    you learn to turn the anger into a slow fire
    Motivate yourself to fight for the right
    thing. Don't get too deep into the drama
    in life. You will surely be able to find
    Me : Thank you my higher self!!!, Thanks a lot.