• diamondintherough 39w

    Do You?

    It's a void in my heart
    do you feel incomplete
    when your not around
    me? I just feel like it's
    something missing like
    I was always forcing it
    to be more than what it
    was, hell I thought it was
    love. But I always ended
    up giving more then I
    received and at the time
    it was enough because
    your smile made me
    believe. That one day
    you would see what I see
    and just love me for me.
    Do you? Still think of me,
    not as a mistake or
    something you can just
    take back and reverse,
    all the pain the sun didn't
    always shine but even
    through the rain I still love
    you the same. Do u? Long
    for forever like I do or has
    forever drifted away into
    the abyss, and if so it's
    something that I'll truly miss.