• __trippyyyy 61w

    Voice of my Broken Heart !!

    Everyday when I wake up ,

    I wish I could hear your voice again,
    A voice which once with a single word would make my day,

    A voice which would be far behind yet so close to me,

    The day you left ,

    Because you said you will be right here ,
    In my heart !

    I waited so long to hear that voice again,

    I waited so long to feel that love again,

    I still want that waiting ,

    Where there was a hope of you coming back ,

    Where there was trust of you loving me like mad ,

    Where there was 'WE' not as a word but was our world.

    But today, Nothing remains,

    The last time I heard your voice ,

    It shattered me , it was so changed !

    But one thing you surely did confirmed ,
    That no matter how long shall I wait ,

    You will NEVER return.
    I Love You !!