• cottoncandysunset 55w

    There's a kind of energy that leaves me
    what star you came from and how far would
    I have to go to radiate that kind of light.
    You're like a night light, a safety blanket for me in the middle of the night, a bright light that guides me away from
    rocky shores. The kind of opportunity that opens doors.
    I pour all of my sad into your hands
    and you hold it gracefully
    and your eyes light up with plans
    to eradicate the things I hate,
    the things that hurt me.
    The things that I can't see but still haunt me,
    taunt me, leave me stranded alone.
    But now I have a home. And I'm not alone or dead and I have made my bed but this time with beautiful corners and clean sheets and it's in you I find belief.

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