• rhymesbynick 124w

    I wish I could forget

    I wish I could forget that beautiful face,
    The way you looked that boundless grace.
    I wish I could forget that perfect smile,
    That golden hair you could see from a mile.
    My god those legs, the way you moved,
    Those shuffling feet when you danced your moves.
    Popping on the dance floor was your thing,
    Dub Step, that was your King.
    I wish I could forget the way you drive,
    One foot on the gas, one foot on the dash.
    I wish I could forget the fun we had,
    Pumping out drum n' bass till my ear drums blast.
    Polly Matthews you had my heart and soul,
    I felt I had known you since time untold.
    You are loved by so many, you touched us all,
    When I think you're not here, all I want to do is fall.
    I wish I could forget, you were a crazy one.
    Bombing down that hill, falling and sliding on ya bum.
    I wish I could forget, I can't you see,
    You drove me crazy just looking at me.
    The sun no longer shines quite like it did,
    The troubles you had, you secretly hid.
    I'm glad I was there for the times we had,
    I know you'll be dancing up there like mad.
    I wish I could forget, I know that sounds awful,
    But the pain is to deep, I can no longer hold onto.
    I wish I could forget, I know that sounds bad,
    The thought drives me mad but I'm glad we had what we had.
    The day I found out you had died, so did I deep down inside.
    A light switched out inside my head, Oh how I wish I had died instead.
    This world without you is nothing you see,
    Such a beautiful creature there will never ever be.
    I wish I could forget you, one day I will,
    I know I won't until the day I am still.
    I will never forget, you'll remain in my heart forever,
    Even when I'm old, battered and beggared.
    I'm no good at poems but I did my best,
    I hope I honoured you without writing the rest.
    For Polly
    11th March 1989 - 30th July 2015
    26 Years Young