• loverenay 36w

    A Mother's Day message
    for my beloved Mother...
    because you loved me
    more fiercely than any other.
    There used to be a light in my eye,
    that shined especially for you.
    That light has been replaced with tears,
    since you left me too soon.
    I had to let you go, like a dove
    released from my hands.
    I hope that you're infinitely happy
    in that paradise land.
    I pray that we'll be reunited again
    one perfect day.
    I hold on tightly to that wish.
    I guess that has to be faith.
    When you see me cry,
    please don't shed any tears,
    but know that I've missed you
    for far too many years.

    ©loverenay ~ 5/9/2021