• diana733 38w

    A sprout of thought germinates and breakthrough the earth;
    Juvenile and tender, it is nourished by the rain of passion in the back of the garth.

    It fed on saffron sunshine and teeming downpour
    And nurtured naive intentions and words I adore.

    A dew drop shinning on the top of a leaf,
    Under the surreal elegance of moonlight for a brief.

    It grew in spurt, a shrub of virtue,
    Like a beanstalk in front of Jack, and it was true.

    Taking in the yield of the boon named season,
    Notions bloomed to beautiful Azaleas of gesture, for a reason.

    The flowers of act and enactment
    Fruited the influence to the mankind, large is a word of understatement.

    This secret garden is like a medicine to an invalid by an apothecary.
    It could have been my home, if it weren't imaginary.

    Hey guys! Glad to see you alll after long!
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    The Secret Garden