• shadowofmeera 60w

    Toss to my girl..

    It's weird to feel this way..after my life been abandoned ,after six months,some where I find life in me,bcz of this adorable soul grabbing me tight in hugs and kisses ,refuses to let me go or fall..being a mother is not a fate of my pathetic existance,but being treated like one hell experience it is..my cutie pie waiting me to open the door,making sure I have tea,her tiny hands workout all making me drink ,making my stomach is not empty..well I better die this moment feeling my love struggle to express more,when I know everything fades..well dad,did I been really worthy for this?how can she do this to me,did she realised how broken I am while I take this granted fucking breaths which is not craving for life.oh little sunshine of mine..no I won't deny thy love to me..u r in my world.. daughters really crack the seed to bring life isn't it??but yea stil I will stay behind the bars..just cz I can't ..call me stupid,I do love u with my life..I hope you realise baby one day..why I need one own daughter whn you r in my life..a small act of kindness really makes a difference isn't it dad..I know I fel it with my heart..