• liz_thehiddengem 21w


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    Why do I still care?

    I have become a person that can truly care, it scares me to my core because I don't know how much more.

    You may push me away, you may curse me out but at the end of the day, I still ask; how can I help?

    Why do you keep misconstruing my intentions? When I am the only one that remains, you continously keep believing that you are just "ok".

    Why can't you see that you are worth so much more? You are so caught up in the mistakes that you made, that you can't see no other way.

    No way out, is what you say but how come some choose not to stay?

    Stay in this miserable black hole, that sucked your happiness away. You must fight like you have never done before or choose to keep hiting replay.

    I truly hope you change in time before my heart declares, "that I resign".