• adyashareads 42w


    Fell the glints of entity unknown,

    On my dull, tear coated countenance.

    Highly more than affection it was,

    That freed my hidden spirits in durance.

    Splashes of something unknown freshened,

    My veiled heart of emotions untold.

    I sensed it as the mutually fed honesty,

    That let my hideous truths enfold.

    Linked to unknown roots of ardors,

    The heart was desperate to plea.

    You heard and shared every bit then,

    Including the crumbling me.

    Studying something unknown of yours,

    I expressed freely my disturbing harsh.

    Still in a confusion if you liked those,

    Because many define me is a marsh.

    Somewhere unknown in your heart laid,

    The buried broken parts of your past.

    Though had realised telling you earlier,

    Was waiting for your trust on me to last.

    Unknown in the hated puzzlement I stand,

    Trying to search what me means to you.

    Myself afraid within to hear the truth,

    Is loving to cuddle our memories few. 

    ©Adyasha Priyadarshini