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    So, this is personal but being sick for almost two months nearly made me go bald and I had to get a hair cut. It left me sentimental.
    @writersnetwork thank you for the repost and the ec. Ben adores you ♥️

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    ~Haircuts and Heart Cuts~

    Thus begin this ritual,
    This act of cleansing:

    A woman knows her
    hair well but when the
    maggots start to nibble,
    her home loses its warmth.
    And so mutters the scissor,
    a wizened old woman,
    'what isn't strong mustn't live'-
    shots of truth served neat and
    the maggots in my cerebrum
    squirm when the snip snip drills
    into my skull and burst that big
    black cloud of watery sickness.

    The scissor,
    she does the talking and the
    ants in my heart scurry up
    and down in panic and leaves
    a gaping hole. A woman knows
    her hair well but when she has
    been kissed by Death's icy blue
    lips, she chooses to cut it all;
    the blight that tears her home
    asunder.Something there is,
    in the act of cutting my hair,
    that makes my soul mourn and
    the mirror only looks at me in
    feigned pity.

    Something there is about it
    that talks of a bloody massacre
    and so tonight, poetry is a woman
    in cropped hair slow dancing to
    misery in a trance and she
    summons April's gale to Autumn's
    door rather unceremoniously.

    ©Meri Murry