• skywriter357 16w

    Look here we go again Mirakee..

    I have one heart and I can't give it to but one person
    no matter how hard I try it just will not stop loving
    I tried to stop loving but the more I try the love just get stronger and stronger. When a person comes to in private and touch me with care love beckons me.
    And when a person comes to me like this you and I both know it's hate not love. I chose to give my heart to the one that came to me in private and asked for FRIENDSHIP look I know that a lot of people hate me and I know why. But this ain't my CAREER and I never wanted it to be.I just know how to move on and leave the people alone that don't want me in their life. Once you let me know that I'm not good for
    you I move on no looking back. No revenge God got that...Revenge is his revenge belong to God it's his.
    He said vengeance is mine he said that.
    I'm not trying to take nothing that belong to God.
    God owns Revenge not me....
    So don't look for me to try to get revenge don't look for me to try to hurt noone but my mouth is cut just like yours and if God will forgive you he'll forgive me to...
    Be blessed yall in Jesus name....