• _sneha__19 6w


    She's magic, if magic includes equal parts of quirky and crazy.
    If it includes eating pizza with a fork and a spoon,
    love and heartbreak in the same tune.
    Slow jazz and neat shots of unflavored vodka,
    fast world and bouts of eureka.
    An ethereal mind of a hopeless heart,
    an oasis in the midst of mirages in a desert.
    A heart that promises to be of stone,
    a mind that knows the truth alone.
    Loving someone till it sends you to the edge,
    or loving oneself with a half broken pledge.
    Losing soul-battles with sighs,
    or winning wars with gods ,
    with scars that shine.
    If not,
    then I'm sorry for magic;
    I'm sorry for all the things that isn't her.