• twographites 27w

    Hey you!
    don't hang on his collar
    He'll choke.
    Why big brother
    why do you smoke?

    He has duties to fulfil
    Pulses and grains to brim tins up with.
    Why big brother
    Why do your hands smell of anguish?

    He has got to work, you know
    Bills won't Pay themselves.
    I've seen you walk on eggshells
    But then why Big brother,
    Why is there always a gift under
    my favorite knit sweater
    On birthdays and Christmas.

    He's a boy,
    He has got to sweat,
    Be strong and leave no regrets.
    But then why, Why big brother
    Why do you look so sad.

    Why are you not allowed any second chance
    Is it because i wear skirts and you pants?

    Why do you hide me behind you
    And say I've got to grow stronger.
    Why when you can always be here,
    For me to hold onto.

    There's a reason for sure,
    And while I'm still figuring it out
    You seem at peace,
    Hanging up from the ceiling,
    Like an angel you are--
    a reason,
    Like you said, I'll grow to understand.


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