• 7paper_planes 29w

    You Wouldn't Know

    You wouldn't know that it is better to
    Tell me ugly truths then to tell me beautiful lies
    It's better to bring pain then to allow me to feel your gentle embrace.
    I need you to yell at me instead of bringing soothing quiet
    Because that would make me comfortable and I don't need nor deserve it.

    If you ever want to leave please rip your hands from me rather then making them linger....or I'll remember them and their imprints

    Have anger with me rather then leaving me with sweet memories
    Because I can't take them with me when I go.

    You wouldn't know that it is better to leave me wondering rather then having me remember and wanting more.

    Just tell me when you begin to hate me because it is better for you to just turn away from me at once...then to have you stay and walk around with a strange face knowing I'm not what you want.

    Leave me at once don't try to hold out the incoming pain.
    Let me feel it all at one time
    I'll be fine.

    It's good for you to create new wounds then to try and fix my already tarnished skin.

    Make new pain for me to suffer through. Don't try to fix what's been broken with age.
    It's wasteful anyway.

    You wouldn't know that doing these things makes us..okay

    If you were to do sweet things and say nice things....then leave
    I would miss you forever and never fall in love again....I'd be ruined and I'd regret it.

    But if you treat me bad then leave me mad
    I'll feel as if you didn't deserve me and that everything that happened didn't hurt me and I'll have a chance to move on and change, become better than ME.

    But I would never tell you this to contain your happiness sooo...

    You still wouldn't know.