• khalidah98 102w

    There’s times when you embarrassed yourself in front of everyone. Or when someone is embarrassed by you. It depends on what you say or do and how you say or do it. I hate the feeling when I get embarrassed. It makes me feel awkward, guilty, weird, and regrets. When my face turns red and starts to sweat out of nowhere. I feel like I wanna hide in a hole and never come out. And people look down because there embarrassed for me or just feel bad for me and that’s one of the worst feelings ever. It’s like saying something you didn’t mean to say and you can’t take it back because it’s already enter there brain and you don’t know when it will disappear from their heads. It causes me to over think about it so many times. Having these should and shouldn’t thoughts running around my head. I guess I gotta think twice before actually saying it 😂 But you know it’s just life and it’s normal to embarrass yourself and you just have to laugh it out. But I just don’t want to be seen because I’m not proud of what has came out my mouth. When it happens, sometimes I say to myself "I wanna die" or "please God take me out of this situation" I don’t actually wanna die it’s just how I feel when I get embarrassed. But yeah that’s all I wanted to say. Everybody had their embarrassing moments and it’s okay be embarrassed sometimes 😂

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