• maz_999 58w


    We are legion, we are many and not the same
    You are free to enter, in there you'll know all our names
    You want to feel like a member, all u need is to be less afraid
    We can be your helper, sell your soul and gain all the fame

    We live by no maker, so we can't be tamed
    We are strong and do not waver, we've conquered rulers that came
    We can't be destroyed.. Never, don't think this is a game
    So if u want to act clever, just know you'd end up insane

    The path that we follow is filled with danger, we leave clues on the road trail
    Don't be afraid.. You're not a stranger, we are the head and you can be the tail
    You seek us so you'll have power, and we seek you to tell the tale
    If you want the story to be darker, we will kill the flame