• kaymartindale777 39w

    Uninvited Visitor

    Late one night I awoke from a frightfully alarming dream
    Satan appeared at the foot of my bed with a wild eyed horrendous gleam

    Taking you to hell I am, there's nothing you can do
    He quoted the Bible perfectly although scripture was misconstrued

    I replied almost instantly with no sign of hesitation
    Covered by the blood I am
    For the Lord I have sheer adoration

    A look of pure hatred upon his face
    Hostility in his voice
    If you'll bow down to me I'll give you your dreams
    You need only to make the choice

    There is only one to whom I'll bow
    His name is Jesus Christ
    The one who endured all of mankind's sin
    On the cross he paid the price

    Engulfed in anger, the room he fled
    Just as fast as he could leave
    I've overcome the evil on who attempted to deceive me

    I owe it all to the Lord, to Him be all the glory
    Now witnessing to all that will hear
    To them I'll tell my story