• sumiinked 5w

    and you know that equation was particularly for you;

    it draped the three and half
    and midst that mirzai
    you wore summer and as
    long as you were there it
    had Van Gogh's chronic ,
    and the skies satires wrote
    calligraphy till the name
    i heard reminiscences
    and the skies vignettes
    from the core we wore
    and pythagorean until it
    awaken schmaltzy to
    the caeles and its celsius.

    i had been that gulmohar
    somewhere near that
    classroom of seventh
    when it signatured a while
    to textile the same celluloid
    and it recited those days,
    and sconces from the city
    where we were together,
    behind ashoka it had
    souvenirs to snuggle up,
    they all augured , to say
    fathom of that someone.

    perhaps, parallels won't
    meet howbeit it left and
    i wanna re-live assemblies
    when a tinge from that
    turmeric forbid benches
    to make a mark, sidewalk.
    i am fourteen and the
    theme showcase out of
    breakthrough it break and
    it retches off Gulzar's
    waltz from uncertainties
    that stutter seoni, i know
    but i want you to walk with
    me in my poetry.

    ©suman, from those students of spring.