• falak_k 59w

    Hope feels like the old clothes
    In my closet, gripping and tight
    Need not say
    They can never fit me right

    Like the colourful pens, crayons, markers
    I loved to use during my childhood
    They're still clustered on my desk, all dried out
    Don't know why i never threw them away, but i should

    When i see my artwork hung on the wall
    Or my words roaming in the streets of mirakee
    It gives me ephemeral pleasure, before realizing
    I'm still stuck in labrynth of adversity

    Hope feels like the broken promises
    That keep coming from my heart
    The false belief of going back to halcyon
    When happiness and i are meant to be apart

    Still hope feels like the city light
    During the dull, gloomy night
    Telling me that somehow
    It will be alright