• kennydondordkhar 41w

    Sometimes I find myself making all these 'New Rules' so I could follow
    even when I say 'IDGAF'.
    Sometimes I just wanna 'Kiss & Make-Up' and get 'Physical' with a random stranger with a few strings attached.
    Is it because I'm 'Scared To Be Lonely'?
    Sometimes I'd say all it takes is 'One Kiss' for me to get myself submitted to love,
    but what if I give in to someone despite knowing that (the one) might someday 'Break My Heart'?
    I don't want to suck up to my friends and seek sympathy from them because I don't want them to give me the 'Don't Start Now' look.
    I'd cover myself with new lies each day even with a 'Don't Lie' signed tattooed to my heart.
    Well atleast I still listen to Dua's 'Swan Song', and pray that I'll be like ALITA one day.