• branthan 83w

    you feel out of place
    out of tune
    as if you've fallen through the
    wrong cracks to end up in a home
    that belongs to someone else.

    like a word that doesn't quite rhyme;
    but sits in the middle of a story that
    everyone skips to read the ending.
    misplaced by a writer who was in a rush.

    a little lonely in the crowded room
    a little claustrophobic in an empty one
    you feel out of place.

    the fan creaks from the ceiling
    as the sun burns through the summer days.

    you miss the rain, not the kinda one every poet
    romanticize about these days.
    but the wild ones that they don't write about,
    the ones that drown the empty streets
    with the heavy falls, the ones that
    drown you to the depths.
    you miss the chaos.

    days are poignant,
    you stare at the crossroads that lead
    to more crossroads in a sadistic loop.
    you feel out of place
    like a mouse that runs through a maze.

    all the songs that made sense once
    don't feel the same anymore.
    so, you press next till you fall asleep.
    like love, you feel out of tune.

    maybe it's certain lines that
    everyone ever cared about.
    never about the one that died in between.
    the one that never belonged.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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