• rhymesbynick 71w

    Thank You Friends

    I speak to my friends about my ongoing troubles,
    Without them I would still be stuck in a deep dark puddle,
    I thank you my friends for putting up with these struggles,
    It must be hard though because I bore even myself with this mindless drivel.
    We talk of the past and about my sadness and fear,
    The pain, the disappointment and why my behaviours are not quite clear,
    How your encouragements have helped speed up the repair,
    But I have this doubt that I am not what you think I appear.
    Some might call me a little eccentric,
    But quite frankly I now don't really give a shit,
    Or do I, I don't know, I don't completely get it,
    My head can get out if order and I can't get a grip.
    The lads I know call me a genuine fella,
    Whose honest, humble and has great character,
    They have a way of getting through to me when I put up the barriers,
    I want them to know I will be in their corner whatever the danger.
    There are quality girls who bring me great cheer,
    They don't judge or criticise on the way I appear,
    They can see I was raised by a woman who's teachings were clear,
    That I should be a gentleman and I should know no fear.
    Self doubt can have me question who I am,
    Even though I know I am in fact a Man,
    I've picked up a habit of putting myself down,
    You've all helped me turn those thoughts around.
    I can not thank you lot enough for listening to me over and over,
    It allows this great weight to be lifted off these big shoulders,
    To focus my mind on the the real things that are important,
    Like realising I have a life worth living and that I need to keep moving forward.