• shreyah 26w

    Poor is the smoke that distills
    out of your shimmering wealth,
    failing to sate the appetite of a
    strange stomach, crippled inside
    out, dwelling on the verge of hope.

    Poor is the celerity of your regal
    wheels that drive past a frail body
    imbrued in blood, adhering to your
    negligence and reluctance to help,
    shirking from sanity and empathy.

    Poor is the lavish robe you drape
    yourself in, which has lost respect
    for the wrinkled hands that grew
    old stuffing it with love and zest
    only for it to turn shallow with pride.

    Poor is the charm of your exotic
    language which is inept enough
    to comprehend the pangs and
    shivers, the streets radiate on a
    night–colder than your concerns.

    ©shreyah || 16-07-21


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    (POV) erty

    Deficiency in ample.
    Poverty– an example.

    ©shreyah || 16-07-21