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    She is the
    Enigmatic beauty
    Under the tranquil
    Blue sky.

    She is that
    Shade of mauve
    Which is as rich
    And passionate
    As an aster.

    Penelope, I call her.

    The goddess of
    Soothing zephyr
    And deliciously
    Mesmerizing petrichor.

    She is that flower
    In the bouquet
    Which makes even
    The moon blush red!

    She binds all her
    Fellow flowers
    Into a knot of
    Pure love and
    Scintillating lives!.��

    Ps. Penelope is a name i address as my diary!
    I have written approximately 3 diaries and each diary has a special significance in my life. Penelope is the diary which is a pure personification of a kind of person i want to become. Hope u like it!����

    Pss. Penelope is name with a beautiful meaning "thread".
    So I gave her a beautiful name "Penelope Ned Asters"
    The thread(Penelope) , a needle (ned sounds like it! Lame i knw)and Asters(flowers!).
    In short a bunch of pleasant flowers!
    I m about to enter 18th year soon , it's far far away yet but still!.

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    The Enigmatic Beauty

    Penelope, I call her.