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    On the shadows of life,
    Between the world of closing and opening,
    Between the seen and unseen,
    She suffers being alone.
    A heart of beauty cries in silence.
    Oh! The Rose silently falls apart.
    She is only seen for bloom of her face,
    Her total body admired and loved and desired.
    Never asked from mouths that speak of love,
    Do you cry?
    Are you alone in the sunshine?
    Do you thirst in love as water for you?
    She is silent, slow the suffering,
    Her beauty unmatched.
    Yet she reveals herself to the outside,
    Hoping for a kiss in love,
    She waits in the day for love,
    In silence at night tears of gentleness falls.
    Instead of just her beauty.
    She chances upon fate 3 months of the year
    To bloom.
    For a connection, for love.
    Some get cut, some die faster then fast from
    Not caring.
    For people are people and history repeats,
    The story of why,
    The beautiful Rose bloom only a few times a year.

    Out of your skin
    Within the net cast with
    My hands to catch you.
    As a priceless treasure
    For my love.

    The mornings rise of life begins..
    You are my woman I am your man.
    Strength of each, makes us, makes we..
    My love.

    I see you bare and naked
    Between the light and darkness,
    Not afraid, standing tall.

    You been on both ends,
    My woman, my dear.
    From flying in the heavens to
    Drowning in the blackness... There you are..standing firm.
    I see in yours eyes..the fire
    of living.....
    I feel in your touch
    The sadness and love of
    As I taste you,
    Let's drink life together.

    In the moment
    In the time when eyes first see
    In the moment in the time
    When our bodies become one to be
    For we will know
    What we we already know
    The stars and then moons above
    Orbit for our love
    In the moment in time
    Our stories unfold
    Finding at last
    Other hearts gold
    We are made for one another
    We are the flames that dance in the night
    In that moment
    In that time
    Everything is just right...
    In the moment in the time
    When we meet...you and me
    The longing and the belonging
    Belongs to you and me..

    I of the word, I of the song,
    You of the sentence, you of the music.
    She is, I am..both of us,
    belonging to no one, except,
    alone in bed, separate.
    Pretending and imagining,
    we do. .
    The night manifests her dreams within me, within you.
    Paired together, two separate roots far apart.
    Seeking, plowing into the earth to touch one another.
    As even the air becomes rock to us..to touch and hold.
    Two in the night seeking to become one.

    When we are all said and done,
    My tender sweet loving one,
    As we hold each other rocking back and forth,
    Each with loving and caring full of growth,
    As the birds sing in the glen,
    As we make love again,
    Misty eyes of passions of green,
    I look above and pray to the skies,
    Your heart, your soul and your beautiful eyes,
    From nature in morning dew and not being alone,
    As we love each other in our special cozy heart,
    As the sun and stars in the skies,
    I love you so much,
    Looking at your beautiful eyes

    A day.
    What is a day not meant for me?
    Walking in dark roads in the sunlight.
    Cold is the sunshine hitting my eyes.
    Paths taken in faith, ends up a dead end.
    The dew of the morning has turn solid into dirt.
    Histories of words spoken repressed in my heart.
    How many times I believed, how foolish was I to be deceived.
    I speak not of anything, for nothing is real.
    Short the story, long the pain.
    Short the thought, long the journey alone.
    This song, not of innocence.
    This wind, not of softness.
    What is a day not meant for me, when I believed.

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