• emeka_joel 34w

    The Nigerian Government is killing its citizens

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    The earth has been defiled with the blood of the innocent,
    Dying at the hands of those that swore to protect them,
    Mercilessly slaughtered by their supposed leaders,
    All because they dared to want a better society.
    So many dreams has been put to bed
    By the ice cold hands of death,
    We hold our phones with tears in our eyes,
    Upset and confused, shedding a river of tears.
    This cannot be our Nigeria,
    Unless this is her, just without her disguise.
    How many more lives has to be lost
    Before Justice is served?
    Or is this how it goes?
    That these evil people don't get what they deserve?
    We thought Covid-19 is 2020s worst,
    But our Government has proved us wrong.
    On days like this we look to the heavens
    Hoping God is not asleep.