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    If "Saffearl" refers to saffron pearl,
    then what am I?
    Thank you so much mirakee for this ��❤️ My second POD ��❤️ Also, Thank you for the like and repost WN ♡

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    B O W O F P O E T R Y

    ~ villanelles are ianthine vagabonds ~

    As the oars of violet ink
    meets the solitude of paper,
    eleutheromania of poetry
    unfurls its allegories and
    streams steadily on the ocean
    within the coronary arteries
    of a desolated heart.
    Dim lights of the lantern
    dangled on its chambers
    comes out through
    the glass shards which
    has undergone annealing
    over the years of melancholy.
    The ink, violet in color becomes
    the vagabonds who desperately
    aspires to peregrinate
    through the serene of
    a wounded poet's hireath
    for a drowse on the beds
    of her abnegated tercets.

    ~ paper soaked in velvety indigo ink ~

    The eudaimonia of a vintage paper
    as it is soused in the fragrance
    of dried indigo turns
    the verses engraved
    on its fine surface into
    a peripatetic solution of poetry.
    It wanders betwixt
    the loneliness of similes
    and alacrity of metaphors,
    turns the sunset horizon of her mind
    into a cyan green epitome of bravery.
    It diffuses with the tears
    oozing from the moon-lit night
    in her paradise and turns
    the wheel of phantoms
    to the effervescent charm
    hidden in the cage built by
    a string of twinkling stars.

    ~ turquoise blue hyperboles ~

    Poetry opulently resides
    within some hyperboles and
    sauntered on the pathways
    of fervours for freedom, turning
    its pink skies into blue flora.
    Megalomania of blue ink
    in the galaxies of calligraphy
    symbolizes the hyperboles
    riding over the metaphors
    to not let the wings of poesy
    realize the ardour in itself.
    Poet owns the poetry,
    and its wings are caged
    in those capillaries where
    blue ink still remain.
    Blue, the color which adultered
    every shade of compassion
    melting from a poet's secrets.

    ~ chartreuse green of poetic physics ~

    As the doors open into
    a world of palpitations,
    where lavenders bloom in yellow,
    roses in blue and snowdrops
    bloom in creamy green,
    poetry gets hallucinated, with
    its lines written down
    in chartreuse green color ink.
    Whilst maple green is a shade
    of ink brewed from the fervours
    of tawny brown autumn leaves
    whose twigs turn into a rhyme
    scheme of the poet's lub-dubs.
    Green, becomes the drought
    in the cores of poetry as it is
    an itinerant seeking freedom.
    Camaraderie of poetries colors
    it with a rusty shade of brown too.

    ~ tangerine yellow of paper ~

    From the sunset serene's horizon
    to the reflections of its ethereal rays
    on the crests and troughs of lakes,
    stories mend walls between
    each other's despondency
    within the corpus callosum.
    I filter the ocean and this yellow,
    drips into the new bottle of ink.
    I fill the tanks of my pen
    with this yellow and it turns
    green in color as it dances
    with the tune of blue hyperboles.
    Paper, but turns dusty yellow
    with the brusies of memories
    and crinkles of age injuring
    its fresh new white surfaces.
    No more does yellow become
    a shade of death which encases
    past in its resevoirs in brain,
    it becomes poetry in the chambers
    of a stained white paper.

    ~ saffron pearls dipped in nostalgia ~

    "Saffearls" dipped in
    incandescent nostalgia
    turns life into a wheel which
    ceases somewhere on the seashores
    of cheerful memories on a lane
    where the giggles of young
    children resonated with
    the vibrations of these
    saffron beads on a poet's
    necklace hung in solace.
    Squeezing those beads within
    the time machine, the pulp turns
    into a reddish orange demitasse
    of coffee-like juice which drizzles
    on paper and delicate poetry
    vouchsafed within the hearts
    of orange pearls themselves.

    ~ crimson linings of grey clouds ~

    Loading a paintbrush with
    scarlet red shades of oil colors,
    a poetry refilled its pen with
    conundrums; murdering
    the metaphors in red colored ink
    poetry became a repenting
    killer whose titles became
    the symptoms of an undiagnosed
    auto-immune disorder.
    Lining the clouds with
    denuoements of war between
    sympathy and joy, the fountain
    pen turned the clouds into
    a jewellery which poetry
    hung proudly on its ears.
    Galloping on the fluffy clouds
    the poet journeyed away
    from the oceans of ardours
    penned in crimson red,
    by the fates of poetry itself.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Tue 8 June 2021

    PS : "Saffearl" refers to saffron pearl.